Our mission Together in Jesus Christ we are freed by grace to live faithfully, witness boldly and serve joyfully. 


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In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

Matthew 5:16

The Nativity Staff

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Pastor B. is no stranger to the pulpit.  In fact, we lovingly call him our "Pulpit Master!"  Having been ordained in his home state of Wisconsin and serving his faith for several congregations there, he found his way to the Washington Metropolitan Area to become the "Short Stop" player for the ELCA as an Interim Pastor in congregations throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area.  Serving a large part of his career as an interim, Nativity is very fortunate to have Pastor B. as our Call Pastor, especially for his his experience with many types of congregations, projects and challenges.  His strongest abilities are to bring the Word of God to his parishioners with a clarity and heartfelt delivery that's both motivating and impressive.  Nativity is grateful for Pastor B.'s sense of humor and "big picture" outlook -- both continue to guide us as we transform Nativity Lutheran to meet the contemporary needs of our faithful and our community. Be sure to mention that you're a Chicago Bears or Minneapolis Vikings fan around Pastor B. and watch the fireworks -- all by his roots which he came honestly by as a fervent Green Bay Packers fan.

The Reverend Brent H. Thalacker

We are thoroughly convinced that Marianne is a gift from God Himself!  What a delight it is to work with Marianne and we are grateful for her awesome organizational skills and her ability to be so detail oriented!  It's because of Marianne that we are able to enjoy our weekly bulletins each Sunday, our Connect Newsletter and so much more. 

Marianne Wendel, Administrative Assistant


Music is from heaven, especially when Carrie is making it!  Our Director of Music, Carrie is a very refined music history and has mastered an impressive number of instruments. As our organist each Sunday, Carrie makes the pipes of our organ sing like a chorus of angels or with the bravado of earth-shattering baritones!

Music Director & Council Secretary


Carrie Brutscher


Suzanne is a natural for her role as bookkeeper here at Nativity.  Her abilities at juggling a number of balls at the same time is only matched with her wonderful sense of humor and true faithful spirit! 

Suzanne McKillop