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Our Hearts and Minds Are Open For You



As part of Nativity's expanding outreach to our community, we're proudly extending a hand in friendship to all who wish to seek God and to explore their own religious callings.  That's why at we've established OASIS, the first of it's kind interfaith worship center along the Fort Hunt Road corridor.   We invite you to become part of a growing community of the faithful who have found our house as their home of worship.  

Oasis is based on Isaiah's prophecy, "My house will be called a house of prayer for all the nations," and draws its inspiration from the ancient traditions of meeting and cooperation. We believe it is reality that turns what is holy for you and for me from separate rooms into one open place that is filled with shared and sacred inspiration and faith.

We currently are host to two vibrant congregations representing the South American Pentecostal and East African Evangelical faiths.  

The Oasis Mission

Oasis, whose doors are open to all, provides a multi-faith sacred place to come for worship, dialogue and learning. We are here to honor all faith paths, celebrate humanity’s oneness, to educate the public about the world’s religions and to sow the seeds of peace,  kindness and cooperation throughout the world.

We see Oasis as a sacred safe space for individual & groups to pray together, share spiritual journeys, and learn from one another. We encourage spiritual leaders from all traditions to hold workshops and seminars here. We honor all faith traditions, cultures, humanists, and more.  All are Welcome Here. 

How to Participate

Nativity is the perfect setting to welcome all faiths to worship -- our congregation is glad at heart for all to come and our facilities are flexible to accommodate groups of various sizes and needs. From our fully outfitted main worship santuary and our narthex complete with a running baptismal fountain, to our social hall and classrooms, congregations are able to grow and deepen their commitments to their faith and faithful.  

Please contact us here at Nativity and discuss your congregations needs -- we're very creative and have plenty of ideas how we can provide for your needs and make our world a better place to be!   Just contact Rev. Brent Thalacker at (703) 768-1112 or via email here. 

Nativity's Partner Congregations

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