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Let's Baptize Your Beautiful Baby!!

Baptism is a huge thing at Nativity! Lifting your child up to

God's grace is the ultimate celebration of His salvation.

Please contact Nativity's staff at (703) 768-1112 or via email here.

Firstly, congratulations on your new little one!  Baptisms are such a special time at Nativity -- we love being able to share in your celebration and to enjoy joining your family as you lift your little newbie up to God.  We are super excited to help you plan your child's baptism and we're very flexible when it comes to figuring out the details for the big day!  We thought you would enjoy learning about your child's baptism with the following information:

Lutheran View of Infant Baptism

Baptism is considered by the Lutheran church to be a holy sacrament that welcomes the person being baptized into God's family. It is God's promise to His followers, not the follower's promise to God. If you are considering having your child baptized in the Lutheran church, after considering the following information, talk with your pastor to learn more about this sacrament.

Baptism Is Not Necessary for Salvation

Lutherans do not believe baptism is necessary for salvation because they believe that salvation is a gift from God which doesn't depend on what any human does or doesn't do.

Infants Are Baptized With the Expectation They Will Be Raised Christian

Lutherans baptize infants because there is the expectation that they will raised in the Christian church. There is also a belief that early baptism of infants works in helping to raise the children to live faithful, Christian lives.


Baptism Represents Incorporation Into the Risen Body of Christ

According to the Lutheran church, baptism is an individual's incorporation into the crucified and risen body of Jesus. It is symbolic of God's love for all and provides a sense of comfort and assurance that all are saved from sin in the name of Jesus Christ.

Anyone Living a Christian Life Should Be Baptized

According to the Lutheran church, anyone living a Christian life should be baptized. This includes infants whose parents expect them to be raised in the Body of Christ.

Baptism Is Never Repeated

The Lutheran church believes baptism is never repeated. It is done once in a lifetime as a sign of faith in God, and the sacrament becomes God's promise to His followers.

Baptism Represents the Symbolic Washing Away of Sin

According to Luther's Small Catechism, baptism is a sign that "the old person in us with all sins and evil desires is to be drowned through daily sorrow for sin and repentance, and that daily a new person is to come forth and rise up."

People of All Ages Can Be Baptized

Anyone of any age can be baptized. Adults and older children who have not been previously baptized in another church can be baptized in the Lutheran church.

How Baptism Takes Place in the Lutheran Church

Depending on the church, baptism either takes place at a font or by total immersion. Some Lutheran churches have a baptistery with a pool where people are immersed, but in most cases the person being baptized is sprinkled with water from a basin in the font.

The Ritual of Baptism

Baptism is the ritual act by which one is admitted to the Christian church. The ritual of baptism involves water - either by sprinkling or immersing, depending on the faith that is performing the ceremony. Baptism is a holy sacrament in every sect of the Christian faith, including Catholicism. Lutherans follow their own baptism traditions to help their followers figuratively and symbolically wash away the sins of the world.